Markgenes is a Market Intelligence and Business Consulting firm with Market Research as its core. Initially, we are a bunch of research specialists providing market advisory services to our direct contact clients. We grew through repeat requests from clients, our client’s specific requirements, and references. Now, we are a team of category specialists building market databases across industries on niche segments.


Syndicate Research Reports

Our syndicated market research reports provide detailed coverage and market intelligenceon categories of various industries. These reports are focused for broader industry audience for market traction.Latest happenings are tracked by our category specialists and are updated / modified every year, these updates are sent to the purchased client on a quarterly basis till one year of purchase

Customized Research Reports

Our customized market research reports are a requirement from a specific client which focus on a specific agenda. Our industry contacts with experts, coupled with internal category specialists ensure that the requirement is fulfilled. Our quick turnaround time means the client will have enough buffer time to take understand and take necessary actions

Market Data

We provide just the market sizing of the report through slicing and dicing. This requirement is specific to client who require data for sales projections, procurement understanding, best supplier details, countries and industries / end use companies to focus. This data helps plan sales or production activities specific to the category

Business Consulting

These services are extension of syndicate market research offering. These reports contain actionable points. The contents include market entry analysis to investment opportunities to competitive landscaping.  These also contain reports specific to each country and industry

Markgenes – Why?

Category Expertise

Each analyst is a category specialist gaining experience through tons of market study, expert interviews and supplier interaction

Expert Collaboration

Our experienced freelance experts work as an extension of our arm providing exclusive and exhaustive market information on the specific category. Our supplier interaction provides an update on their profile and understanding and view of the market from their point of view